OSI Days – Great Moments with Great People

Open Source India Days [ OSI Days ] is an annual event to promote Free
Open Source Software by Electronics For You Team.

Two years ago, When they had this event in Chennai, I was part of a
discussion panel. Met many people involved in FOSS World.

This year, they had the event in Banglore for 3 days with various
talks and sessions. I attended the last day only.

I was part of a discussion panel on “Role of LUGs in FOSS Promotion”.

We had Myself for ILUG-Chennai, A.Mani from Kolkatta GLUG, Raj Mathur

from LUG Delhi, Kingsley John from Bangalore LUG and Shrivathsa of
Bangalore LUG/HP coordinated the discussion.

We discussed about the importance of GLUGs, activities of GLUGs in
India, Importance of organizations like FSMK, FSFTN, Problems with

Govt policy, etc, The discussion was lively with few disagreements and
the audience was quite active.

In the after noon, I gave a talk on “How to contribute to FOSS without Programming”. Many people think that contributing code is the great

way of contributing. No. There are so many other same important tasks,
looking for people to contribute.

The session was so interactive and good to see more people are already
contributing in many ways.

Here is my slide:

I met some great people from various parts of India. Mani, Raj Mathur
are known persons for ages. But meeting them is so interesting.

Got to meet some ILUGC friends too. Girish, Sathish, Atul Jha, Yogesh,

Kumaran were discussing about various stuff.

Thanks for the EFY team. Niraj, Diksha Gupta and their Team did a
great job of organising such a nice event. Thanks for all the
speakers, participants and the sponsors.

Some snaps here:


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