How to switch back from digest mode to normal mode in ilugc mailing list?

How to switch back from digest mode to normal mode in ilugc mailing list?

Most of us are subscribed to ilugc mailing list in normal mode.

i.e every mail will reach our mail box.
It is easy for us to read and reply mails properly.

We can create a filter or folder in our mail systems for this
so that we dont miss our personal mails.

Digest Mode:

There is another mode to get mails called "Digest Mode".

It will collect some 10 mails and send as a single mail
with the table of contents and all the 10 mails.

This is easy for busy people who dont want to get more mails.
But tough on replying to emails.
We have to trim a lot of stuff to find the mail we want to reply.

we need to change the subject line too.

How to set as Normal Mode delivery of mails?

Let us see how to come out of digest mode.

Goto the ILUGC’s mailman page.

In the bottom, find the line
"To unsubscribe from ilugc, get a password reminder, or change your
subscription options enter your subscription email address: "

Give your email address and press the button "unsubscribe or edit options"

It will take to you a new page.
You have to give your password here.

If you know it, give it and press the button "Login"
Else, goto section "Password reminder" and press the button "Remind"

It will send you the password in your email.
Check your mail to know your password.

Give the same password in the same page and press the button "Login"

4. Change the options.

Now, you are logged in.

You can change any option there.

"Set Digest Mode"
Check for this option and click the option "Off"
to get rid of digest mode.

Then, in the bottom, click the button "Submit my changes"

That’s all.
You will receive the mails as individual mails.


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