ILUGC Monthly Meet ( November 10 )

ILUGC Monthly Meet ( November 10 )

Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] is spreading awareness on
Free Open Source Software in Chennai since Jan 1998. We meet regularly
on every month second Saturday with technical talks and discussions on
various Free software.
Check our website for further details.

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We have our November 2012 Meet.

Check the details below.

ILUGC Monthly Meet (November 10 th):-

Time : Sat November 10, 2012 (3.00 – 5.30 PM)

Venue: Classroom No 3,
Areo Space Engineering,
Near Gajendra Circle,
IIT Madras.

Link for the Map:


Topic : PHP more than basics

Description : Beyond basics of php the arcitecture, professional codding etc .

Duration : 30-45

Links to Read :,

About Speaker : G.yoganand PHP Team lead Softmatrix. yoganandgopalan AT gmail DOT com


Topic : regular expressions for every one.

Description : a brief introduction to regular expression.

Duration : 30 Minutes  (Max)

Level: Basics to Intermediate

About Speaker: Ravi Jaya, An Open Source Consultant, who loves Gnu-Linux by heart.
ravi.goglobium AT gmail DOT com

Topic: Discussion on India’s IT Rules and threat to Internet

Description: The recent rules notified by the Government under the
Information Technology Act, 2000 regarding intermediaries affect bloggers,
online media and intermediaries by placing stringent controls on
content that can be posted online. The rules have the potential to be used as
a means to censor the internet through the back door and could have chilling
effects on free speech and dissemination of information. The rules also go
far beyond the IT Act, under which the rules have been framed, and
have provisions that affect the fundamental rights of citizens including
the right to freedom of speech and expression as well as the right to privacy.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Links to Read:



About Speaker: Core Team, Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu


General group discussions on any queries, events etc.
CDs/DVDs can be shared on prior request.
Announce this to all your friends, social network sites etc.

All are welcome. Entry Free


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