Join and share the event for the protest against IT Act

Dear Friends

The recent action against a boy for allegedly posting comments against a leader on Facebook is an indicator that despite massive public opinion
against restriction of speech online, suppression of freedom of expression continues. Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu calls on all supporters of a free internet to gather in human chain at

*4 PM at Besant Nagar Beach, Chennai on December 4, 2012 (Today)*

against the various flaws in the Information Technology Act, especially Section 66 A.

From the action against Professor Ambikesh Mahapatra to that against cartoonist Aseem Trivedi and Ravi Srinivasan in Puducherry, the Air India crew members and Shaheen Dhada and Rinu Srinivasan in Mumbai, the use of the IT Act is serving as an obstacle to free expression of ideas. The lack of clarity in the rules due to the use of vague terminology is one of the major reasons for this situation. FSFTN and demands that the rules be clarified and loopholes be closed so that the IT Act cannot be used to settle personal vendetta or enforce one’s ideas on others.

There has been successful protests in Bangalore and Hyderabad last sunday, lets show the people in power we from Chennai too want the change. There is nothing like joining hands in this wonderful climate against the flawed IT Act. Join us today at 4pm in Besant Nagar Beach.

FSFTN and Chennaites for Internet Democracy invites all those who are keen to protect our rights in the internet to join hands. Let us raise our voices in unison against the flawed IT Act.

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