Open source Projects to do in Tamil computing

There are many projects to do in Open Source for Tamil Computing.

Listing here some of them.

1. Font conversion to unicode

There are lot of Tamil fonts in TSCII and ASCII format.


TAM, TAB, Vanavil, Bamini, indoword, softview, kabilan, kaniyan, shri TAM, Shri lipi, ilango, mayilai, anu, senthamizh etc. These are used in DTP centers.

There are tons of documents generated in these fonts.

To view them, we need to install these fonts locally.

These documents should be converted to unicode so that anyone can view them without installing any special fonts.

NHM converter is a online service which does this.

We need to create a FOSS application for this.

We can do this in python, php, ruby etc.
we can do this as desktop or web application.

TACE format should be considered.



We can create a new spellchecker or extend the existing spellcheckers aspell or hunspell or project silpa.

explore these:!topic/freetamilcomputing/dEQgHESN9us


grammer checker – santhi pizai thirutthi


Dictionary with tamil meaning, english meaning, opposite, same meaning words


Number to string converter

example: 100 = nooru


OCR for Tamil

The following are in beginning stage.

test and extend them.


Tamil Corpus

A web application should be developed, showing a word and all the grammar tags.
Logged in users can select the relevant grammar tag for that word.

Thus, when many people contribute, a whole Tamil corpus will be generated.


Rule based auto complete for Tamil

automatic machine translation

GUI and web based Tools to learn tamil for beginners


Text to Speech for Tamil

test and enhance it


project for Wiktionary

Wikionary is the wiki based dictionary for all languages.


We can add voice files to wiktionary.

We need to create an web application, desktop and mobile client to display each word, asking the user to record the sound of the word.

once recorded, the sound ogg file should be uploaded to and then it should be linked back to the same word in the wiktionary page.

Thus, any user can record and upload the audio words automatically.


In Tamil wikipedia, we need a javascript based on screen keyboard, so that users can click and type easily.

Some of the projects are discussed in the following research paper collection.

Engg college students who needs some base paper to their projects can use these papers and build applications on top of them.

Add your comments, if you have any more projects for tamil computing.


7 thoughts on “Open source Projects to do in Tamil computing

  1. The research paper for building apps on top of them is extremely appealing.
    I’m in my final year, and being forced by the college to take on some ieee papers for project, but my interests lie in application development for useful stuff. This is exactly what i was looking for. I’ll try to convince my college faculties to give me a second chance in choosing the topic.

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