Thinking to create a portal for Tamil ebooks


I am using a 6″ kindle to read the ebooks. It improved my reading habit a lot. Many of my friends read the books in their tablets too.
Tons of english books are available for free.
Unfortunately, there are no much tamil ebooks for reading in the ebook readers.

As there is no support for tamil in epub or mobi format, we use LibreOffice writer to convert the text into pdf.

We can not read A4 page sized existing pdf books in these tablets and kindle. It needs lot of zoom and other movement to fix the content to read easily.

Found a way to create ebooks for these devices.
Set the page size as 9cm X 12 cm
Paste the content from site like create pdf file and load it to the device.

This will give a perfect reading experience for Tamil books. Wrote about this here.

Like this, many people create books and their collection stay with them.

Nowadays, there are many tamil writers share there works in net. We can ask them to release them in Creative commons license so that anyone can create ebooks and share them with all.

All our content are in CC license.
Like this we can get more sites to give content.

We can create tons of ebooks using these content.

I am thinking on creating a web portal for organizing and sharing the pdf files for these ebook reading devices.

The following are the requirements.

1. Multiuser login [ SSO with openID, facebook etc ]
2. Role based access control to upload, review, approve, publish 3. Download counter
4. Discussion forum
5. Social sharing
6. Books Review section
7. category/tags
8. ratings

We can give the following versions of each file.
A4 odt
A4 pdf
6″ odt
6″ pdf

If we have such a system, the reading habit will increase.

I hope Drupal/wordpress can be used to setup such a portal.

Do we have any other better system?

Can anyone volunteer for setting up the portal?


13 thoughts on “Thinking to create a portal for Tamil ebooks

  1. Anna, why not add .epub to the list? It will dynamically scale to fit/shrink any device. Of course the Kindle doesn’t support it. But it is the preferred open standard for creating/sharing e-books. 🙂 I’m ready to help. Perhaps Drupal/WP/Joomla? Maybe a forum using phpBB too? 🙂

    • epub in tamil is not supported by kindle or android tablets. We have to root the devices to install the fonts. We can give epub too. Till the support comes, we can give pdf files.

      • Hi,

        You can use epub format in android tablets by using custom fonts with aldiko reader. I have tried it and have found it good to read.

        For more details, you can visit my blog and have a look at that article. If you are interested, we can work together to create epubs in Tamil. The beauty of epub format is the ease at which you can convert epub to mobi or other formats. I guess kindle supports mobi format. Thanks


      • Hi Anna,

        I have downloaded பொன்னியின் செல்வன் – சுருக்கப்பட்ட பதிப்பு from your website.
        And I’m using kobo Glo E- reader.In Kobo GLo we have an option to load custom fonts.

        When I’m reading the book in Latha(I loaded it coping from windows) the book worked fine. But when I tried reading with other customs fonts its working but its having few issues.The letter in words get rearranged.

        If you have any solution please help me in resolving the issue.


  2. Hi all.. I am from Coimbatore. I am doing ePub projects. I have done Tamil and old vedic script, Sanskrit language into editable text ePub. Find me on If anyone wants to convert their books into ePub kindly contact me.

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