Free FOSS Software Repository Setup for all Technical / Non-Technical Institutions in Tamilnadu

Dear all,

LinuXpert Systems has decided to setup a local FOSS Software Repository for all Technical / Non-Technical institutions in Tamilnadu *FREE OF COST* in their existing Server infrastructure.

The implementation will be covering 2500+ institutions, including all

Engineering Colleges
Medical Colleges
Arts and Science Colleges

The following things will be implemented in the local FOSS Software Repository:

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (i386 and amd64 with complete software repository including main/universe/multiverse/restricted) -> Total Capacity: 120+ GB

Fedora 18 (i386 / x86_64 / arm / source / spins with complete software repository including rpmfusion free / nonfree) -> Total Capacity : 150+ GB

The institutions has to provide the necessary hardware resources for implementing the above setup.

As there is no cost involved for the implementation, the institution has to provide good accommodation facility and pay TA/DA expenses for the resource person who implements it (we welcome volunteers for the implementation).


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