ILUGC May 2013 meet – minutes

Though there was a sudden change in the meeting place,
we had a meeting with 9 members last saturday.

Baskar explained his freedom toaster project.
It is to setup a kiosk machine with all GNU/Linux distribution iso.

Anyone can select any os and burn it in a cd/dvd.
He demonstrated the software and a dvd burning.

Atul Jha, explained the basics of openstack.
discussed about its Histrory, components, how to contribute etc.

Some snaps:


Thanks for all the speakers and participants.


2 thoughts on “ILUGC May 2013 meet – minutes

  1. Hi,
    i Just gone through your blog… some thng very interesting and useful thing… Initially i registered pycon community , ireally want to contribute some thing here … but i dont know where to start and ho to proceed. Could you please guide me 🙂

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the comment.

      How do you want to contribute?

      We can contribute by coding, documentation, organising events etc.

      Tell something more about you.

      Where are you from?


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