Open Weekends | AGENDA


25-26th May 2013 | Railsfactory, Chennai | 10 a.m. To 4.30 p.m.


1. Jai Pradeesh – About Fedora; How its architecture is built, how it fares better than other linux distros, Why Fedora?

Jai is a student ambassador with the Fedora Project.

2. Gautam Kumar – Basics of building a parser and lexer with ANTLR4, Constructing a Grammar, Listener and Visitor Patterns and building a simple DSL to generate html forms and an expression calculator

Gautam is a software engineer with Orangescape Technologies, Chennai.

3. Yogesh Girikumar – Openstack 101 – What it is, how it works, why we need.

Yogesh works for the CSS Corp and is a member of Open Stack community.

4. Ravishankar – WordPress – Hosting it, doing custom works in WordPress and doing business with it.

5. Soumya Deb and Gauthamraj- Mozilla Contributor Mentoring Days – how entry level contribution to Mozilla can be made easy. How you may contribute to Development, L10N, Design team, Web Dev, Webmaker and others within Mozilla project.

Soumya Deb is community member of Mozilla India and works for Red Hat. Gauthamraj works for Tata Consultancy Services.


1) Sibichakravarthi – Introduction to Wikipedia
2) Surya Prakash – Introduction to Translate Wiki
3) Shanmugam P – Introduction to Bots in Wiki projects
4) Bala Jeyaraman – Introduction to Wiki data
5) Raveendraboopathi – Photography Tutorial

Hackathon Sessions

1. Mediawiki Hackathon

2. Firefox Hackathon – You may build addons for Firefox, customize your browser and make apps for the Firefox OS. There will be people to help you around. There will also be Firefox phones to test your apps realtime [ Yay! 🙂 ]

The talk and hackathon sessions will happen in parallel.


Venue address:

Sedin Technologies Private Limited,
# 38/39, 3rd Floor,
White’s Road,
Chennai (Near Sathyam cinemas)


1. In between the event, we will be breaking for lunch. LUNCH will not be provided for the participants and they’ll have to bear it at their own cost. Food and bevarages are not allowed inside the venue. Please help keep the place clean.

2. Wifi internet connection will be provided at the venue. Please bring your own laptops with power cables to work.

3. There is limited parking at the venue. Plan your travel accordingly.

4. You are encouraged to bring a personal ID of some kind (Driving license, Student/Official ID etc.,)

5. You are responsible for your belongings.

6. Social :

Facebook :
Google Plus:

Twitter: Tweet realtime with #openweekends #chennai

Don’t hesitate to bug these guys:

Dwarak – +91-9003297595 | me at

Gauthamraj – +91-9789299422 | vallavan2valluvan at

If you’re willing to be a part of the Open Weekends event, please take a few minutes to fill up this form that’ll ease up the security process at the venue :


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