Call for a Video – mailing list guidelines

Sent this mail to ILUGC mailing list today :


We have some guidelines to post mail in our list.
We send the link to the guidelines when someone join the list.

Most of us wont read the automated mails fully.

When a new comer crosses the guidelines, we shout at them to follow the guidelines.

He goes to the page

We give some instructions and new buz words like troll, top post, bottom post, interleaved post
and some lengthy wikipedia page links.

Will the newbie have any patience to read all these full pages to know the new jargons?

I am not sure how a new comer understands the example given on that page.

Even, the gmail hides all the quoted text. We may use other clients like elm, mutt, pine etc
which display the text fully.

We can not expect that the new comers to use the desktop clients for emailing.

Thus, the new comers are getting confused to know about our guidelines.

In the meantime, when he receives some mails, he may ask some questions. Like the same way he replies for any mail in office or gmail, he shoot the question.


He gets some replies with asking him to follow the guidelines, dont top post, dont bottom post,
ban him etc.

He gets many replies, but none of them answers his question. And the thread goes far away from the question.

When he sees the same for some more questions, he losts interest in asking question
and he decides to be a silent watcher.

This is happens most of the time.

I completely agree with he should follow the guidelines for sure. But, what are we doing to teach him the guidelines?

How many of us read these full length guides?

I am thinking on creating a video tutorial in tamil and english to explain the mailing list guidelines with all the examples of

what is top post, bottom post, interleaved post, over quote? How gmail hides the quoted stuff?
How to reply using gmail?
How the top/bottom post is pain in reading other mail clients? How to reply to a digest mail?
How to put proper subject line?
How to search in ilugc archives?


There are fine screencasting tools available.
eidete and kazam are the best tools as far as I know.

Can somebody volunteer to create these videos?

Hope the newbies can watch the 5 min video to understand
the list guidelines.

What do you think?

Will it work?

Share your thoughts.


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