iok – ubuntu package contribution by suji

I was exploring an onscreen keyboard for ubuntu.
Found iok is interesting.

I was seeing the man page.

At the bottom, it says as

Suji A , Parag

Wow. I know her. Suji is a member of ilugc and kanchilug.
She is from a village near to kanchipuram.

Some years back amachu told that suji was porting iok from fedora to ubuntu. Nice to see that happened.

Found this in her blog:

some old discussion:

It is a happy news that there are many contributions from india too.

Thanks Suji for the nice work.
Keep up the good work.


One thought on “iok – ubuntu package contribution by suji

  1. Happy to hear. Is it possible to add all other input methods like TAMIL99,TACE-16 keyboard driver( Tamil Virtual Academy) in it? If so, lakhs of people going to type. So, take necessary steps.

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