GNU/Linux Install Fest 2013

As a initiative from the Indian GNU/Linux Users Group in Chennai we are proud to bring to computer users a great opportunity to try out GNU/Linux installation.

This is going to happen between August 1st to August 31st.

We have organized for install fest for you to get GNU/Linux installed in your home pc to get your hands on to GNU/Linux. We have set of volunteers to support you. You can get more information about the GNU/Linux Users Group Chennai from the website . ; ]

If you are a already a GNU/Linux User or if you would like to volunteer to help many people try GNU/linux Operating System, you should definitely register and join the fun. []

Objective: To generate awareness about the GNU/Linux operating system to help people installation of GNU/Linux and helping them overcome their anxiety in using GNU/Linux.

Why I Should try:

Top 5 good reasons you can try installing GNU/Linux:

  1. Freedom
  2. You need not worry about virus, Malware & Spyware
  3. Don’t pay for your operating System
  4. Do something for the society and environment & Excellent community support
  5. Choose distros of your choice to have fun with.

Would like to know more reasons click here. [ ]

I don’t want to mess up my Windows, can I still try GNU/Linux:

Yes sure, our volunteers can help you do that.

Let’s all have fun with GNU/Linux. Join. 🙂

The experienced Linux users will assist those who wish to install and learn about Linux.
Please find the list of volunteers who has agreed to help in the process in this page.
You the search box to find the areas of interest.

Do give us your inputs and feedback to make this page better.



Siva Karthikeyan : seesiva AT gmail DOT com

T Shrinivasan : tshrinivasan AT gmail DOT com


3 thoughts on “GNU/Linux Install Fest 2013

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