Can’t you find a GNU/Linux Users Group in your City? Start it Now.

GNU/Linux Users Groups are the awesome people who bring GNU/Linux to the public.

We can find a GNU/Linux Users group anywhere in the world.

Join a nearby GLUG mailing list and participate in their activities.

If you dont find any link related to GNU/Linux Users group, in your area,

it is a good time to start one.

Yes. you can start one. It just needs one or two people to start and make it up and running. Slowly more people will join with you as you keep on holding many activities.

Start a free mailing list in google groups or
Start a free blog.
Have a team and place to conduct the regular meetings.

Thats all. All set. 🙂

Do events like workshops, meetings, foss demo days.

GLUG is all about activities and people.

Even a two members meet, blog it and announce it to the world.
keep the activities regularly.

Start small one day workshops in your office/college as a activity of the GLUG there.

Announce it in the mailing lists/fb etc.

Once you keep on running/holding the events, you will get more contacts
in colleges and offices. Then you can get more support from them for

the GLUG activities.

Read these links too.

You will find wonderful people in all the GLUG activities.

There are many people to help you to create a GLUG, organize events, give talk, conduct seminars.

Contact any of us for any kind of assistance.

Share here, on what you are doing with your GLUG.


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