Project idea – A portal to view the local events

There are many events happening around all of us.

We have to look on newspapers, or mailing lists or social media to know

what events are happening around us.

Most of us miss some events as we dont know such event is happening around us.

Yes. We may not subscribed to all mailing lists/groups on our interested subjects.

Who knows, some interesting event may happen in our next street.

It may be a technical talk/workshop/book release/movie release/devotional talk/free food event etc.

Because of there is no single place to share the events, we miss them.

Just imagine a portal, where we can select the city and view all the events happening.


The foss related events are posted here.

Help me to setup such portal.

Here are the requirements.

1. Event created in front end by users/anonymous. ( calender paid plugin for wordpress allows this)

2. Multiple city site. like / /

3. cities can be added on request.

Hope we can use the wordpress and paid plugin for this.

Is there any other CMS supports this?

Is there any free plugin with front end submission for drupal/joomla/wordpress?

or is there any other such portal already exists, that I am unaware of. ?

Please share your thoughts on this.



4 thoughts on “Project idea – A portal to view the local events

  1. I’ve been thinking about this problem too, and what I keep coming back is that rather than a centralized platform, what we really need is to encourage use of iCalendar (an IETF open standard for exchange of calendar data). That way we can build multiple systems which can federate and interoperate, in the same way that email systems do.

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