Topics for demo stalls

Are you looking for what to demo on software freedom day?

Here are some of the topics.

  • Desktop environments
  • Games
  • Multimedia players
  • Audio editors
  • Video editors
  • Image editors
  • Programming ide
  • Libreoffice
  • Databases
  • Front end tools for databases
  • Tamil typing
  • Internet tools like mail client, irc, chat clients
  • Cms like drupal, joomla, WordPress
  • Version control systems like svn, git
  • mobile app development tools
  • Cloud computing using Open stack
  • Virtualization
  • Various network servers
  • Various command line utilities
  • Scientific computing tools
  • Engineering software
  • Educational Software
  • Physics/Chemistry/Biology/Electrical/Electronics/astronomy Software

There are tons of software available.

We can have a stall for each software mentioned here

Please pick any software and volunteer to host a stall for the Software Freedom Day 2013.

Fill this form now.


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