Commercial – Required: Geophone analyser using arduino board

Below is the requirement for a arduino project.

Reply here or offline to me, if anyone is interested in doing this project.

tshrinivasan AT gmail DoT com

Geophone sensor’s parameter should be checked

Model no: SM24

This sensor is used for oil & gas seismic exploration work. Ten geophone are connected in series.
sensor has inherent characteristics is given below:

1. Coil resistance : 270 ohm or 2701 for ten geophones
2. Damping. : 0.698
3. Sensitivity. : 210.2 volts/metre/second
4. Natural frequency. : 10Hz
5. Distortion. : 0.1%

6. Coil impedence : 7138 ohm for ten geophone

These parameter is to be analysed with Ardiuno board.


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