Ubuntu Global Jam 2013

Ubuntu is growing by the community. Ubuntu runs many events to get more volunteers and contributions.

Global Jam is one of the events where anyone can provide their contributions, along with lot of people around the globe.

We had the event in Sep 13,14,and 15 2013.

Ubuntu-IN LoCo team had the event online at #ubuntu-in IRC channel at irc.freenode.net

We can do any of the following during these days.

  • Development
  • Packaging
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Artwork
  • Triaging Bugs
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Translation

I picked up on packaging and documentation.

I learnt python packaging.
Installed python-stdeb


This tutorial explains how can we package the python software.

Packaged the software "qrcode"

It provided nice installable deb files.

Next step is to create PPA in launchpad.


This link explains this.

My PPA is accepted, but still,I had some troubles in sending my deb files to PPA.
Exploring more about this.

Wanted to contribute for Kubuntu Documentation.
Found the existing tasks here.

Can not work on this much as the existing doc itself looks very fine.

Read the existing doc for any spell errors. everything looks fine.

We had our Local Linux Users group’s monthly meeting.
Presented about "Ubuntu Global Jam".
Explained how anyone can contribute for ubuntu in various ways.

Explored Launchpad’s bug process.


Wrote an article in Tamil about Launchpad bug process for Kaniyam.com, an online E-Magazine for Free Open Source Software in Tamil.

Will organize a event locally to do these kind of Jam for contributing, next time.

Thanks for the Ubuntu team for such events.

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