How to set 0 margin for PDF files from Firefox?

I often print the html files into pdf files reading in kindle.

We can set a paper size of 9cm X 12 cm to get a pdf file that is readable fine in the 6 inch ebook readers like kindle,nook and other android tablets.

Read here about this.

When I print the pdf files from the firefox, though I set 5 mm top,bottom,left and right margins, it gave a pdf with nearly 2 cm margins.

These pdf files are fine to read in kindle. But the margin takes larger space and that space is wasted.

I searched on how to set 0 margins for the pdf files from firefox.

Here is the way.

type in "about:config" in your address bar (without the quotes of course) and
hit enter.

in the "Filter" field, type "print".

Now change these values;

print.print_extra_margin 0

printer_Print_to_File.print_margin_bottom 0
printer_Print_to_File.print_margin_left 0
printer_Print_to_File.print_margin_right 0
printer_Print_to_File.print_margin_top 0

Now printing to PDF won’t add those pesky margins.

Thanks for the link

Though the options are old in the link, it is not very tough to find the correct options to modify.

Now, I can print the pdf files without margins and happily reading them on my Kindle.


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