Project Idea – Web based form building system

We often need to collect data from many people and share the collected
details with them.

For example, If I want to collect the list of "Free Software
Contributors in Tamilnadu
", I can use a wiki to collect details.

It is tough to maintain the wiki from spam for admins (that’s why
ilugc wiki [ ] is inactive) and not users friendly for quickly adding details. (will ask even tough captcha, if we want to secure from


The quick and dirty solutions seems to use a google doc form builder
and get the details from the users as a form.

Users can input the data easily.

Collected details are stored as a spread sheet. We can share the sheet

url to anyone with permissions to view only or edit.

Currently, there is no Free/Open Source alternate for this.

I hope we can easily build such system using any web framework
like cakephp, django, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Reply here or contact me if anyone is interested in doing this.

Share this info to your friends to get interested volunteers.



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