Suggestion for budding GNU/Linux Administrators – Buy a VPS

Recently, one of my friend, who is practising GNU/Linux, struggled a lot to do some activities in only of my production servers.

Reason: No expereince in production servers.

Though he is a RHCE guy, he has all the theory knowledge and very less practical knowledge
on working with email servers, firewall etc.

I suggested him to buy a VPS and practise all the stuff he has learnt. gives 5$/month VPS.
It seems so cheap and will give good experience for beginners.

There may be even cheap VPS providers. provides .in domain for 99 Rs/year.

My friend bought a domain and VPS.
Started to install the servers he studied.
Hope this will be a good start of exploration

I suggest all the GNU/Linux Administrators to buy a VPS for regular practise. Believe me, it will give you tons of experience and learning.

Click this link
to buy a VPS.


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