An Interview with the Author of “PySide GUI Application Development” – Venkateshwaran Loganathan


Venkateshwaran Loganathan, A Chennai guy has authored an international book "PySide GUI Application Development" from Packt Publishers.

This book will take you through everything you need to know to develop
UI applications. You will learn about installing/building PySide in
various major operating systems as well as the basics of GUI
programming. The book will then move on to discuss event management,
signals and slots, and the widgets and dialogs available with PySide.
Database interaction and manipulation is also covered. In a nutshell,
this book is great for learning how to program applications with GUI
and for mastering how to develop your own applications and how to run
them across platforms.

The ebook is available for sale

It is very affordable. Rs 129 only.

I got a chance to Interview the author. It is very interesting and inspiring.

Here it goes.

1. About Venkateshwaran Loganathan
(taken from "About the Author" page from the book site)

Venkateshwaran Loganathan is an eminent software developer who has been involved in the design, development, and testing of software products for more than five years. He was introduced to computer programming at the age of 11 with FoxPro and then started to learn and master various computer languages like C, C++, Perl, Python, node.js, and Unix shell scripting. Fascinated by open source development, he has contributed to various open source technologies. He is now working for Cognizant Technology Solutions as an Associate in Technology, where he has involved himself in research and development for Internet of Things domain. He is now actively involved in using RFID devices for evolving the Future of Technology concepts. Before joining Cognizant, he worked at Infosys, Virtusa, and NuVeda. Starting his career as a Network Developer, he has gained expertise in various domains like Networking, e-learning, and HealthCare. He has won various awards and accolades for his work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University and currently pursuing M.S in software systems from BITS, Pilani. Apart from programming, he is actively involved in handling various technical and soft skills classes for the budding engineers and college students. His hobbies are singing and trekking. He likes to get involved with social media.

Visit him online at and write to him at anandvenkat4 AT

2. How did you get interest to write a book on pyside?

Writing and publishing a book was one of my long time dream. I am very much fascinated about the fact of being an author. Being nurtured from a family of teachers, I love to teach early from my school days. During my college days, I am very well known for teaching and conducting seminars. In order to make my teaching effective, I would provide the people with my hand written notes which became very popular for its flow of thoughts and simplicity. That had seeded an idea of writing a book. Since then, I was looking for various opportunities to write a book.

3. How did you connect with Packt Publishers?

I would say that I was actually dreaming about the idea of publishing a book every night since I thought of it. So, I was looking for various opportunities that could help me in realizing my dream. One fine day, when I was browsing through the library for some help in a technical issue, I found some of the books from Packt. When checking online from their site, I found some link on information about writing for Packt. I had also knew some people who had already written for Packt. So, I contacted the executives from Packt about my idea which has nurtured into what you are seeing it in your hands as a book on PySide.

4. How long it took to write this book?

From contacting the officials from Packt to the final publication of the book, it took around six months. My Book is actually a mini book on introduction to PySide spanning about 100 odd pages which itself had taken half a year. Wriitng a complete standard book with around 400 pages will definitely take a year if you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the writing. Starting from initial mail communication, this project has undergone various stages like, Proposal, Proposal Acceptance, Signing of Contract, Writing, Review, Editing, Final Review and Publication in that order.

5. Any interesting experience on writing this book?

Ouch.. Not one or two but many experiences. Writing a book itself is both an interesting and rewarding experience. I would say I had undergone both a difficult and interesting time period during the stint. Coping up with your work and simultaneously writing a book is not an easy task. I had to forgo sleep for may nights to keep up with the timing and contract. Sometimes I had vague dreams when the deadlines are near and I have to complete a lot of things. Since I am pursuing my masters degree also in parallel, I had to work for three deliveries at the same time. After completing three chapters, I was suddenly ill and admitted to hospital for a couple of days and was advised not to strain for at least a fortnight. Since it is a mini book each chapter would contain not more than 20 pages, my deadline would be hardly a week for a chapters delivery. I had to write to Packt for missing the deadlines since I was ill and they stood by me in those times. The people from Packt were so understanding and helpful which actually encouraged me to complete the book in time.

6. Do you have any stats on the sales of the book?

I dont have any exact statistics to share with you since its hardly a week since the book is published and the data is collated on a monthly basis. However, I heard from Packt that the sales is doing quiet well and is popular.

7. How the ebook is selling?

More than the paperback, ebook sales is doing extremely good. One of the major reasons is its low price and easy availability. Of the total book sales till this time, 90% were ebook sales.

8. Any suggestions for new writers?

Writing is an art. Technical writing is art within an art. If you know if you have the flair for writing and can clearly explain your thoughts in writing, there is nothing stopping you from writing a book of this sort. Make it simple and easy. Explain the concepts clearly and in little depth and also please make sure that your book stands out the rest of the books of same kind. It is an art that you will develop only by expertise but start it immediately. There are hell lot of topics to write on and there are many publishers who would be interested to publish your book. Search for a right opportunity and show up your talents.

Many have a biased thinking that only scholars from foreign universities are authorized / capable of writing a technical book. Well, that is not true. Anyone who is technically good and can understand the readers mind can write a book. After all, it is an art developed by practice. Start writing blogs and simple posts and as you gain expertise you can think of authoring a book. Moreover, the opportunities are far better now to publish a book. Many publications offer variety of services for budding authors. They even help you with your writing style. So, what are waiting for?

Please write to me in case if you need more details. I would always be happy to help.



I thank Venkat for his nice work and the interview.
Hope his works will help to bring new QT developers and authors.


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