Fedora – 10 Years

Fedora GNU/Linux Distribution is celebrating its 11th birthday today.

Though I have used it very little, might for few days in my 10 years of life with GNU/Linux,
I installed it for many users.

I started from slackware, refered by Chandrashekar.
Then, moved to Debian, refered by Raman.

Then, explored Mandriva, OpenSuse, ArchLinux and Ubuntu.

All the distros just a wrappers for the applications we use. Whatever the distro, we use only the Desktop Environments like KDE, Gnome etc, and applications like browsers, email clients, terminal etc.

What Fedora provides is the nice similar structure of RedHat.

I suggest to try Fedora for all the people, who study for RHCE exam. Most of the RHCE people I know are ignorant of the similirities of the linux distros.
They steal the RedHat distro and they install it in their laptops and computers. They do not want to come out of RedHat.

Poor people.
They dont enjoy the fancy and luxary stuff that a GNU/Linux distro provides. RedHat is good for servers. Not for laptops.

To learn the GNU/Linux, we have to use it in our daily use.
We have to use to hear music, to watch videos, to connect with wifi, to play games, to install tons of application.

These RHCE guys can not do anything that a normal computer user can do with their RedHat computers.

Here, the Fedora gives them a surprise.
They can experience the same structure of RedHat and all the bells and whistles of a modern GNU/Linux distro.

With tons of new applications added to the Fedora repositories, they can enjoy a new life and experience with a GNU/Linux system.

Please refer about Fedora to all the RedHat beginners and let them enjoy their GNU/Linux distros, by using it for all thieir activities.


2 thoughts on “Fedora – 10 Years

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