Looking for a new editor for kaniyam


Thanks for your continuous support and contributions for kaniyam for past two years.

Though we missed two editions, let us consider this as two month vacation for us 🙂

We started to get the articles now.

Now, I am looking for someone from us to take the role of editor.

The tasks are very simple.

1. requesting in our list for articles
2. collecting them and spellcheck/grammercheck/fix
3. write the editorial
4. create pdf
5. release
6. announce in all tamil related lists/social media etc

I will be helping for all required tasks and will contribute regularly.

I think, it will be a real community project, if we have a rolling editors per year.

Please share your thoughts on this.

Its okey, if we decide to stop pdf releases and make kaniyam online version only, to reduce the huge time on pdf making. we can move to epub release too.

Contact me if you are interested in playing editor role for kaniyam.


4 thoughts on “Looking for a new editor for kaniyam

  1. I am ready to take the responsibility. I would suggest the following mechanisms for article collection.:
    * There will not be any specified time for article collection (Though remainders may fly once in a week / fortnight)
    * Articles, under the category “News” especially, may be given more priority. That may be collected till 10th of Each month.
    * Other Articles, like snippets, guides, etc. , which were collected till the end of the preceeding month will be taken for each edition.
    * Others will be taken for next edition
    * The Edition will follow within 20th of the month.

    I feel that the above scheme may provide me with enough time to compile and bring out the editions.

    Again, I may not be available throughout the year. If I am sure of my non availability, I will inform atleast a week back. In such cases, someone may help in bringing out the edition.

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