Workshop on PHP/MySQL at Chennai

Mr. Yoganand is organising a Free Workshop on PHP/MySQL for beginners.

Date : April 5 2014

Time : 10.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Introduction :

Day 1 :
What is open source & closed source .

linux distributions :
Installation of Ubuntu
Whats LAMP stack
How PHP works
Installation of LAMP in Ubuntu
example codding in PHP

Day 2 :
Variables, Strings, Include & Require, Control statements, Functions, Array,

Day 3 :
Forms, POST & GET, While Loop, For Loop, For Each, file concepts,
Session & cookies
mini project

Day 4 :
Sending email via email class
Reviewing project

Venue: Free Software Foundation, TamilNadu

36 (old #24) Thanikachalam Road,
Flat No. 2, First Floor, B Block, Silverpark Apartments,
T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017.
Phone: 044 – 43504670

Requirements : You must take your own laptop.

It is nice to have Ubuntu Linux installed already.
Else, make one partition free to install ubuntu at the first class.

How to register?

Send a mail to yoganandgopalan AT gmail DOT com
with following details.

1, Name
2. Email
3. College/Organization
4. Contact Number

We can have 10-15 people only.


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