Project Idea – Blog to ebook converter

We are creating ebooks in Tamil in epub,mobi,6 Inch PDF, A4 PDF formats
and releasing them at

We get the content as or blogs or as Word Documents.

We use to generate these epub/mobi ebooks.
We have to copy the each blogpost as new chapters.
Once copied all the required blog posts, we can export them as ebooks.

The entire process is here.

Video in Tamil

The process seems simple. Just copy/Paste and export.
Each book may take 20-30 min for all the copy/paste works.

I am looking for a web application to convert the given wordpress/blogger url into a epub.

The requirements are as below.

1. Input : URL of a wordpress or blogger blog. URL may contain categories too. Users should give a list of various blogpost url from various sites too.

2. Get the RSS feed from the given url

3. parse the Feed and list all the posts available.

4. user should pick the desired articles to convert as epub.

5. Get the details like Book name, author name, license text, cover image

6. Generate epub for download.

7. If possible give in mobi format too.

8. themes/Custom themes will be fine. But not essential.

Once this application is done, we can host it and provide a free ebook conversion service.

Anyone interested in doing this application, contact me.


Some links to explore:


2 thoughts on “Project Idea – Blog to ebook converter

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