Tamil Wallpapers in Creative Commons License

We use beautiful wallpapers in our Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets etc.

To beautify your devices, here we come with a new community project.

"Tamil Wallpapers in Creative Commons License"

The plan is to release Tamil Wallpapers with nice Tamil quotes.
All the images are released in Creative Commons license.

You can use the Wallpapers, Share them, modify them.
Mention the source URL and release in same creative commons license.

The Wallpapers are published here.

Here is the Flickr Group to collect the wallpapers.

How to contribute?

1. Search a good image in creative Commons license in

2. Add a good Tamil Quote on the image.

3. Upload the image to Flickr.
Give Description, Tags, Original Image URL,

4. Change the license to Creative Commons Attribution,

5. Join the Flickr Group "Tamil Wallpapers"

6. Add your image to the Group.

Try to create two versions of Images, One for desktop in Horizontal and one for Mobiles in Vertical.

Thats all.

Let us create beautiful Tamil Wallpapers.

We suggest you to use the Free/Open Source Software like GIMP and
Inkscape for Photo Editing.


Contact us for any queries:

Guru – guru96299 AT gmail.com

Shrini – tshrinivasan AT gmail.com


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