Need Volunteers – Public Event Calendar

There are many good events happening around chennai.

There are Hackathons, Public Talks, Books Fairs, Many Software users group meetings, Free Trainings, Workshops etc.

Many people share the events in their own mailing lists, web sites, facebook, event sites like eventbrite etc.

There is no single common place to see the all.

I am imagining a Google Calendar with all public events, added by a group of people.

The advantages of Google Calenders are

1. Email Notification

2. SMS notification

3. Multi user authoring

4. Subscription to other calendar tools

In my search, no other tool/site/software is giving these features.

Here is the plan.

1. Create Google Calendar

2. Share it with a group of interested people.

3. They can add the events they come to know in this calendar

4. Anyone can subscribe to this calender to get notifications.

Will this work well?

Is there any other better platform to achieve this?

Please share your thoughts.

Reply here, if you are interested to join the team.



5 thoughts on “Need Volunteers – Public Event Calendar

  1. Hello Sir,

    It’s a great idea to club all the events happening around to notify interested people from one place. I’m really interested to join the team.

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