Creating ebooks using PressBooks – CheckList

We use for creating ebooks for

The following are the checklist for the volunteers who help to bring new ebooks.

1. Content

Login to

Copy the main content in the MainBody Section as new chapters.

2. Front Matter

The first chapter in the Front Matter should have following things.

1. Cover image
2. Book name
3. Author name
4. Author Email, website etc.
5. Intro text about the book
6. Cover artist name and email
7. Cover art source
8. Ebook creator name and email
9. Creative Commons license text.

10. The text "உரிமை – கிரியேட்டிவ் காமன்ஸ். எல்லாரும் படிக்கலாம், பகிரலாம்."

3. Back Matter

1. one chapter for about the author with intro text, email address, website, photo etc.

2. About FreeTamilEbooks Project.
Chapter Title : Free Tamil Ebooks – எங்களைப் பற்றி
Copy content from :

4. Book Info

Add the following details

1. Title
2. Author
3. Publisher : மின்னூல் வெளியீடு :
4. Publisher City : சென்னை

5. Publication Date
6. Language : Tamil
7. Cover Image
8. Copyright Year
9. Copyright Holder : Give the Creative commons license name

5. Appearance :

Add custom css for ebook.

Goto Apperance – Themes- Activate PressBooks custom css

Click the custom css. Edit CSS

Choose “Ebook” for the option “You are currently editing CSS for: “

Then, paste the following css code and save.

p {
display : block;

This is step is very important for giving line breaks between paragraphs.

Thats all.

Export the epub version and do a check in chrome plugin.

Thanks for all the volunteers who contribute for

Because of your hardwork, thousands of Tamil readers get new ebooks for reading.


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