Need 50 ideas for a python hackathon

We are planning for a python hackathon at DGV arts & science college, chennai.

The students learnt python already.

To make them contribute to Free Software, I had a discussion with HOD,

to conduct a one day hackathon.

There are 40 students and we can give a 50 programs for students to pick one and do in that 6 hours span.

I have the following list.

1. scrap a and get rate of a given peoduct

2. resize some huge size photos and add some text to all the images.

3. get two dates and calculate the no of days between them.

4. upload images to flickr using flickr api

5. auto mate blog posting using wordpress api

6. analyse a apache log file and get statistics from it.

7. create a solver for crossword puzzles using the given no of words and few letters

8. Download picture of the day from and make it as wallpaper or a widget

9. test a website for its availability. send mail to some people, if the site is down

10. backup all files in /var/www/html and databases and store in a remote place.

11. Url Shortner app

12. Bookmark the urls from the given specific twitter account tweets

13. Search Result’s position finder(like find the position of the searched result from yahoo search and Google search)

14. Captcha generator – generate a captcha image for a given word

15. Cost Estimator for building.

Write a programme to produce an estimate of construction of a building

(given data for  are like the dimension of rooms in square feet, doors, windows, loft,shelfs and ventilators)

(1) How much bricks does it takes to construct the structure
(2) How much cost involves for whitewashing the structure
(3) How much cost it takes to lay tiles.
expand the idea, leave it to the programmers to decide the tool,

16. Task report for office.

==  Objective

A python script should ask for a progress report everyday when employee leave office after working hours.

It should also send the progress report as a mail to the project manager. Once the mail is delivered,

the system should be shutdown automatically.

== Expected Output

user@debian~$ ./

Hi user kindly give your progress for today




Sent mail…..

Thank you

System is about to shutdown Did you save all files ? yes / no


System shutting down …
17. Getting checkin data of any user from foursquare or yelp API and show it in openstreetmap OR google map.
18. Check for duplicate file names in a directory tree.
19. Rename the MP3 files based on their ID3 tags.
20. Get Train status using PNR Number. Scrap any PNR checking website
21. Get all the links in a Twitter users Favourites and store them in a text file.
22. Count Down Timer – Create a program that allows the user to choose a time, and then prints out a message at given intervals (such as every second) that tells the user how much longer there is until the selected time.
23. What is the Weather ? – Scrap any weather site or use any weather api service to find weather of chennai or any given place.
24. Alarm Clock – A simple clock where it plays a sound after X number of minutes/seconds or at a particular time.
25. Credit Card Validator – Takes in a credit card number from a common credit card vendor (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discoverer) and validates it to make sure that it is a valid number (look into how credit cards use a checksum).
26. RSS Feed Reader – Given a link to RSS/Atom Feed, get all posts and display them.
27. Bandwidth Monitor – A small utility program that tracks how much data you have uploaded and downloaded from the net during the course of your current online session. See if you can find out what periods of the day you use more and less and generate a report or graph that shows it.
28. Address Book – Keep track of various contacts, their numbers, emails and little notes about them like a Rolodex in the database.
29. Import Picture and Save as Grayscale – A utility that sucks the color right out of an image and saves it. You could add more including adjusting contrast, colorizing and more for added complexity.
30. Web based addressbook – create a web based address book using Flask MicroFramework
31. Write a script to add  Copyright text in all the files in a directory tree.
Here are some good ideas –

4 thoughts on “Need 50 ideas for a python hackathon

  1. Just I do remember few things..may be useful..I am not sure..

    1.Url Shortner app
    2.Bookmark the urls from the given specific twitter account tweets
    3.Synonym/Antonym predictor game
    4.Search Result’s position finder(like find the position of the searched result from yahoo search and Google search)
    5.Captcha generator

    Thanks for asking me..

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