Tamil Software Development Program

Tamil Software Development Program

There are lot of software required in Tamil Linguistic World.
Planning for a Program like Google Summer of Code to encourage developers for developing software for Tamil.

Program Details :

1. List the required software:

List the software requirements related to Tamil, so that Developer can pick one from work on that.

The software can be Desktop application, Mobile Application, Online application or a game.

send the requirements to tshrinivasan AT gmail.com or comment below.

The Event duration is 4 months. Don’t give big software like OCR, TTS, Speech to Text etc.

Give small games, small components required to build big software etc.

2. Forming a Mentor team:

Not all developers are good at Tamil Linguistic and grammar. We have to form a Mentor team with Tamil Scholars. Developers can contact them for any queries related to Tamil.

Contact me if you are interested to be a Mentor.

3. Call for Programmers:

Programmers, from around the globe, can participate in this program.
They can be students, working professionals, Home makers, kids etc.

They can pick their desired software from the list.
They can work as a team or as individual.

All software developed should be Free/Open Source Software from day one.
All code should be published in http://github.com

Developers should write dev log on their blogs atleast weekly once.

4. Results:

At the end of 4 months, we can review the developed software and package them for release.

5. Prizes:

We can call for Donations for the projects. Divide the amount and share with the developers.

Need a team to handle Finance. They have to approach donors, collect money and share with the Developers.

Reply here with your thoughts.
Contact me at tshrinivasan AT gmail.com if you want to join the core team for this project.

4 thoughts on “Tamil Software Development Program

  1. I have been doing some software development for Tamil by myself as well.


    I personally would recommend that we not let these software development activities and money mix. It may get complicated if there have to be accounts, money, etc. Bringing in money / rewards / prizes may lead to uncomfortable situations where the focus moves away from the quality-of-work to winning the competition and getting the money. There may be also legal hassles. However it is just my biased personal opinion, do not get discouraged by it if you feel strongly for it. All the very best for your initiative 🙂

    Although I want to participate in this event as a programmer, I do not have enough time for my existing projects, office work etc. So I would love to contribute at least as a programming mentor if needed and if there is no money involved.

    • Thanks for the comments sankar.

      Yes. I too had the fear of handling money.

      But, Let us give a try to add more people into Tamil Software Development.
      this may be a good point for people to start contribute.

      There wont be huge money as google gives.

      Let us see how it goes.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks to Shrinivasan, for the great post on necessity of developing more open Tamil software. Currently some codes are open, especially efforts of Tamizhaa group.

    I’m the developer at Open-Tamil and Ezhil Language and I work on compilers, language issues, keyboard, and web interfaces for Tamil language. We are always looking to mentor interested candidates to develop these projects, and start new ones. We currently work on Python language, Django framework, and sometimes in Java/JavaScript.

    Check out our blog at http://ezhillang.wordpress.com/ and github repos at http://bit.ly/UzIjIw

    Ezhil – http://ezhillang.org/
    Urban Tamil – http://urbantamil.com/
    Open-Tamil libraries http://bit.ly/UzIjIw

  3. Good to read your article here,

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    We Object Frontier Software (OFS) is a leading software development company that takes on the entire life-cycle of software product development, maintenance, quality assurance testing, and support, all while keeping the costs low.

    Thank You

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