How to Change the user Interface of KDE in Tamil ?

I use kubuntu 14.04

My language is Tamil (ta)

Tamil translations packs are not available in the repo.

But, I can see them in the SVN repo here.

I checked out the po files application files in stable.

svn co svn://

Now, Where to place these files to see KDE in Tamil?

Asked this question in the KDE mailing list.

Got the reply as below.


you must "translate" PO files into (binary) MO files.
msgfmt utility (from gettext package) might be used to do that:

$ msgfmt -o file.po

Then, MO files should be put into

Additionally, you need
file. Without it, you won’t be able to pick up Tamil from list of

existing languages. Simplified file content is below:

[KCM Locale]
Name[ta]=Tamil in Tamil

On my system, localization files are owned by user root, group root, and
have 644 permissions.


Mirosław Zalewski <miniopl AT> in KDE mailing list.

To convert one po file to mo file.
$ msgfmt -o file.po

The messages folder has many subfolders for KDE applications.

shrinivasan@shrinivasan-laptop:~/ubuntu-contributions/kde-ta/messages$ ls
applications extragear-network kdeedu kdemultimedia kdepim-runtime kdeutils

calligra kdeaccessibility kdegames kdenetwork kde-runtime kdewebdev
entry.desktop kdeadmin kdegraphics kdepim kdesdk kde-workspace
extragear-kdevelop kdeartwork kdelibs kdepimlibs kdetoys qt

Go to each folder and convert all the po files to mo files using this small shell script.

for i in *; do msgfmt -o `basename $i .po`.mo $i; done

Now, find all mo files and copy them to /usr/share/locale/ta/LC_MESSAGES

find . -name "*.mo" -exec cp -i {} //usr/share/locale/ta/LC_MESSAGES/. \;

Then, goto "System Settings->Locale->Languages.
Select "Tamil" and add as "Prefered Language".

Make Tamil in the Top.

Thats all.

Now, logout and login.

Most of the KDE intereface will be in Tamil.
As we need to do more translations for KDE, we see many English words too.

Please contribute to Tamil Translations of KDE.

Explore these links to contribute to KDE Localization.


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