Thinking for a Hacker Space in Chennai

Chennai is becoming the hub of events.

There are many tech communities, meetup groups, social friends group etc conducting regular events.

Check the Event calendar of Chennai

All the weekends are filled with events.

Once became free, there are groups started for most of the

software in the industry.

But, many groups cannot make the events as they could not find the venue.

Option A:

Thinking a Hacker Space kind of venue, where any user group can conduct their events.

The following are the ideas :

1. A small home in a accessible venue in chennai

2. Any user group can conduct the events for free

3. Venue can have broadband and Projector/LCD TV

4. Table/Chairs can be there or can be rented

How to generate money?

1. Donations should be collected to give the rent

2. Startups/Individuals can be use this venue as co-working space in the week days for a very lower cost

3. or one or two persons can stay there to share the major part of the rent/expenses.

4. Paid workshops can be conducted with cheaper cost.

Option B :

There may be some startups/organizations who may be willing to give free space conducting events.

We can collect their details and share in a public site.

Any community that wants a venue can contact them and use the space.

Please share your inputs on this.


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