How to become a Software Tester?

Are you looking for a job as Software Tester?

Here are few thoughts on software testing.

  1. Get Knowledge and skills
  2. Learn the Concepts
  3. Learn the Testing Tools
  4. Learn a programming language
  5. Dont dream about playing games. Instead play any game
  6. Contribute to Open Source Software by Testing them
  7. Join Testing groups
  8. Write a blog
  9. Add all these things to your Resume

1. Get Knowledge and skills

Knowledge, skills and experience need not be gained only by taking up a job. We can grow these ourselves, Right?

What do most people say? “Give me a job. Then, I will learn all that is required. After that, I will grow my skills.” True.

Let us say, you buy a car to travel out of town with your family often. You are looking for a good driver. I have come for an interview. I have attended driving classes. But I do not have any experience.

“I have completed training. I have a certificate. But, I do not have experience. Give me employment. Let me have your new car. Give me training for a few months. Once I have learnt it well, I will drive your family wherever you want.”

If I say this, will you hire me? But, this is what you say to the companies.

For learning how to drive a car, you need a car that costs lakhs of rupees. But for learning computer skills you can use the computer you already have.

In cricket, if someone is not scoring runs, even if it is Sachin, we get annoyed. We expect them to score continuously and hit fours and sixes frequently. However, we dont do any useful things using your computer, but will listen to music, watch films, play games and keep chatting with your friends on social media. How is this justified?

2. Learn the Concepts

Software Testing is a vast industry. It has many concepts as

  • Test Cases
  • Test Results
  • Bug Tracking
  • Test case Tracking
  • Manual Testings
  • Automated Testing
  • BlackBox Testing
  • WhiteBox Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Web Testing
  • GUI Testing

    and more.

There are many websites/books/presentations/videos/lessons available on Internet.

Learn about them.

3. Learn the Testing Tools

To implement all the above said testing concepts, there are many software/tools available.

Few software or so costly to buy.

Dont worry. There are equivalent Free/Open Source Software available for all the needs.

Test Case Management – Test Link and others.

see a big list here –

Bug Trackers – BugZilla, Mantis, Trac etc

Automated web testing – Selenium

GUI Testing –

Performance Testing – JMeter

You can find all open source testing software here –

They all are 100% free. Download them and install in your computer and learn them.

4. Learn a programming language

Being in the Software Industry, we should know atleast one programming language.

I suggest “Python”. It is very easy/cross platform language.

We can do many automated/web/mobile/gui testing using Python.

Learn Python the Hard Way is the easiest book.

Complete this one book alone.

It may few weeks only to complete this.

Google’s Python Course (with Lecture Videos)

5. Dont dream about playing games. Instead play any game

Dont wait for getting a software tested job for doing testing.

The job of a cricket player is to practice regularly and display their talent. Nobody says, “Include me in the Indian cricket team! Then I will learn the game and then I will play well and after that I will win cups for the country.”

To become more skilled in cricket, you have to take the bat / ball and practice. For It Industry, it is enough if you practice with the computer you already have. To learn software testing all you need are a computer and internet connection.

Learn the concepts, Install the software and start testing the software you use daily and find bugs.

6. Contribute to Open Source Software by Testing them

There millions of Free/Open Source Software being developed. They all are looking for testers to find bugs, so that developers can improve them.

You can contribute by reporting bugs, confirming existing bugs, writing test cases, automated tests, etc.

Whatever the corporates are doing for testing their software, can be done for open source software too.

On any open source project website, look for “community/contribute by testing”.

They will give all the details on how you can contribute to that project by testing.

In a continuous effort for 3-4 months, you can become a QA team member of any big open source project.

That will become a great crown on your heads.

Ubuntu Linux –

Mozilla –

LibreOffice –

Fedora Linux –

MediaWiki –

Read these links too

Pick any of your favourite open source software and become its QA team member.

7. Join Testing groups

Search for local testing groups/communities.

Attend the meetings.

Have testing events.

If there is no group, start one and do some activities.

8. Write a blog

Write about everything you worked on in your blog. Write everyday without fail. Your blog will become your best Visiting Card.

9. Add all these things to your Resume

Add to your Resume your blog address, the list of Open Source software you are contributing to and all the skills you have.

Read these too


Reply here, if we can add any more stuff in this post.


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