Run many versions of ubuntu with lxc

I am working on a connector between Google Drive OCR and WikiSource projects.

When I am developing in Ubuntu 15.04 laptop, everything works fine. But many issues were reported with the tools mutool and pdfunite.

Could not find the reasons for the issues for long time. Finally found that the users are using in Ubuntu 12.04

mutool is not available and pdfunite is older versions in ubuntu 12.04, which is working differently then ubuntu 15.04

Wanted to try ubuntu 12.04. Searched for any free VPS. But there is no free VPS to try anything quickly.

But, LXC container helped here.

We can install any ubuntu version as a mini VPS inside in our ubuntu.

sudo lxc-create -t download -n ubuntu1204  –dist ubuntu –release precise –arch amd64

sudo lxc-start -n ubuntu1204

sudo lxc-attach -n ubuntu1204

with –release  option, we can give any older version of ubuntu. It downloads that version and install a minimal version.

Using this, I checked and found the issue with the pdfunite. Changed the program to work with ubuntu 12.04

Users are happy now 🙂

Thanks for Ravi, jayantanth, Sibi, Omshivaprakash for continuous testing and giving ideas for enhancements. Realised the  importance of testing and tasting the true spirits of collaborative contributions.

See here to learn more about LXC containers.







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