Thinking on a hosted planet solution – share your thoughts

Planet is a awesome RSS aggregation software used to collect blog posts from a list of blogs.

Most of the free software communities host their planet instance, add all their community member’s blogs.

Example –

The community members can write their blog posts anywhere, like, or on their own site, with RSS feature enabled.

With planet, we can see all their posts on a single place.

But, we need a VPS to install planet.
As this costs money, most of the tech communities dont have a planet RSS aggregation.

Thinking of providing a free SAAS model planet solution for the tech communities.

Example domain is

Now, anyone can register, get a subdomain, get a planet instance for that subdomain, and add blogs of their members.

Example –,,

Is there any such available already?

Is it possible to build such a system with planet software or similar software?

The current planet support a single instance. How can we make it as SAAS software?

Share your thoughts.


One thought on “Thinking on a hosted planet solution – share your thoughts

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