Use open platforms your tech communities

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I see many Foss groups started to use social media as main platform for communication. Twitter, Facebook group, telegram channel, whatsapp group, disapora etc.

By doing so, all the conversations go private. They are forbidden to search engines and non smartphone users.

All the discussions, questions, answers, fun chats go hidden for public. Because of this, anyone searching for Foss group in his area , he can not get any info about these groups.

Being a tech or Foss community, it should be a basic policy to have all communications on open platforms. What is the use of a closed group that discuss on a Foss technology.

If you are part of or leading a tech community, please switch to open platforms like mailing list, irc channel, blog, website, forum etc.

Use all social media only for personal communications and event announcements.

Don’t think that people won’t use open platforms. If your content is really worthy, people will find you.

Example. Millions of people are reading and writing on Wikipedia, even though the interface is felt tough by many people.

Build the community based on strong passion and content. Not for just using a famous, latest technology.



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