30 days blogging challenge – Failed with good results

On march 2017, I decided to write at least one post, on this blog for the next 30 days. I know few writers write on their blog daily like Vaa.Manikandan, Pa.Raghavan, Jeyamohan. I thought I too can start to write more, as I had too many ideas and thoughts running on mind. Wanted to share here. Hence started.

Initial few days, went well. But, after the second week, felt it so tough. To write something, I had to stay awake extra in the nights. Eventhough, I stay awake and hitting the keyboard, I did not get any ideas to write. I already wrote everything, what I was thinking for few months. RTI, Consumer communities, Project Ideas, Bigdata etc. I could not write something, for the sake of just to write something daily. So dropped the posting often.

I failed on 30 day blogging challenge.

source : http://poppetx.blogspot.in/2015_05_01_archive.html

18 posts for 30 days. It is near 1 post for 2 days. Not bad.

I should have eaten the frog as the first task in the morning. But, writing was not my priority.  I missed to make it as a part of daily rituals. Writing really takes more time then we think. Need to read and learn before writing something about. Need fact searches and good linking. It took 30-45 min to write a post.

Though, I failed to write on 30 days, found it very helpful, to organize my thoughts. Few posts evolved into action. I submitted 3 RTI. Had deep discussions about the consumer cooperative community with few friends. Few project ideas impressed few contributors and they completed 3 projects. We had an Hackathon too.

Without writing the ideas, these would never happen. Thanks to the great blogging platform and you, the readers. With your wishes over email, comment, phone and in-person, the dreams are becoming true.

I am good at dreaming. All the ideas like Kaniyam.com, FreeTamilEbooks.com were just dreams few years ago. When I wrote the ideas in this blog, I felt the transformation and evolution for the ideas into action. When likeminded people read the blogs, they share their helping hands to give live to the ideas. Tons of thanks for all the contributors.

I feel more powered, by writing in the blog. I quit Facebook, one year ago. From then, I use blogging and mailing lists as the only channels to express my thoughts. They give great results and actions.

I will keep writing regularly. May be two weeks per week. Exploring different patterns to find a suitable one for me.

Once again, I thank you. I request you to start writing in a blog. It is free. Start using wordpress.com . Blog all your thoughts and ideas. It will take you to heights and lead to different worlds, you can not imagine before.

blogging க்கான பட முடிவு

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/aaron_davis/13558173444 CC-BY-SA

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