Book Review – Flask by Example

Flask By Example Book Cover

Learning a web framework for Python is a long time dream for me. When I was working with PHP, it was easy for me to develop web applications. Then came frameworks. They are good for bog projects. But for the small projects I did, learning them was a nightmare.

Ruby on Rails was another tough road I traveled. Learning Django was a never ending project for me.

Finally, Found Flask. It is simple. we can develop web pages, add db backed, add user login, add maps, what else? We can add whatever we want.

Was looking for a good book to learn Flask. There are many online tutorials to learn Flask like

But, I like learning from books as they are packaged completely. There wont be any missing info. Still found few Flask books are not worthy.

Recently, PacktPub gave the book “Flask By Example” for free on its free learning program. Tons of thanks for them for doing a wonderful service. Giving a tech ebook for free.

This book introduces the Flask framework by all examples and explanations for all the lines. Starts with simple RSS reader, it explains getting users inputs, processing forms, handling Google maps, Creating users, cookies, login, reports, mysql and mongogb, in 10 chapters.

Reading this book is a gives good exposure to flask as I can not resist trying all the sample codes by typing them myself.

It took around 20 days to complete the book. (only 240 pages). by reading and practising ten pages per day, done with the book.

Hoping to give web interfaces for all the command line applications I had done and doing.

Strongly recommending this book to all who wants to learn Flask.

Buy this book here –

Thanks for packtpub for their great service once again.


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