Indian Linux Users Group Chennai – december 2017 meet – minutes

We had our last meet of the year 2017 on December 9, 2017 at IIT Madras.

Magesh started the show with his experiences on emacs.
He explored the key bindings, buffers and usage of emacs.

Explained on Emacs plugin system
and emacs bundles

Then, Shakthi Kannan explored the NoSQL database Aerospike.
It is useful for faster access and can span upto 128 nodes.
Unlike having a master node, which communicates to other nodes,
it sends info about all the nodes to the clients.
So the clients can directly contact the node where the desired data resides.
It has more optimised for SSD hard disks.

He explained its architecture, how to connect and query, its dashboard,
performance features etc. Get more info here –

Then, Siva explained Bitcoin. He spoke about its history, architecture, mining,
wallets, buying and selling methods, advantages, disadvantages and threats.

Senthil joined with him to explain the internals of Blockchain mechanism.

Then, we continued our discussions at nearby cafteria.

Its is good to meet the old friends of ILUGC.
We had Akilan, Mohan, Shakthi Kannan and Shrini.

We discussed about bitcoin, aadhaar, and other social issues.

Thanks for all the 25 participants and speakers.
Special thanks to students of Jaya Engineering College for their regular support.

More Photos are here

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