Fix wireless on HP 2000 laptop for LiuxMint 19

Today, I installed LiuxMint 19 Tara on a HP 2000 Laptop.

Everything went fine. Bios was plain old. No issues with UFEI. Mint is supoer cool for newbies. But found Wifi was not working.

running “rfkill list all” showed that there were soft and hard blocks for wifi. running “sudo rfkill unblock all” removed the soft blocks.

Pressing the wifi button on F12 was not working.

Here is how fixed with some searching various forums.

  1. Ran this command.
sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-hp.conf <<< "blacklist hp_wmi"

2. Reset bios with default values

Then, WIFI started to work.

Thanks for the awesome opensource community for all the software ans ansers.

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