Kaniyam Foundation January 2019 Report

Kaniyam Foundation January 2019 Report


An environment where all virtual resource, tools and knowledge related to Tamil Language and ethnic groups, are accessible free and open to all.


To ensure that use of Tamil language is advanced, parallel to social economic and scientific development and to provide knowledge and resources free and open to all.



No Activities This Month Total Contributors
1 FreeTamikEbooks.com Ebooks 21 506 S. Rajeswari – Lenin Gurusamy – Rishan Shareeff
2 Kaniyam.com articles 8 696 R.Asokan – Kalarani – S.Kuppan
3 Kaniyam Podcast 5 9 Arumugam – Kamal – Prasanna – Nurudheen
4 Politics Talks – Podcast 16 16 Aazhi Senthilnathan, TNCPIM Team

Tamil Wikisource

Created a project page at Tamil wikisource for kaniyam contributions. Wrote about the goals, guidelines for contributors etc. 8 contributors joined so far. One ebook is proofread, validated fully and released. 4 books are proofread and waiting for validation. Here is the List of books being worked on

see https://ta.wikisource.org/wiki/விக்கிமூலம்:கணியம்_திட்டம்


  • Divya
  • Pavithra
  • Shobiya
  • Arun
  • Info Farmar

Thanks to Wikisource Volunteer Balaji for guiding the project.


After Aazhi Senthilnathan, announced his public talks in CC-BY-SA license, we are approaching many YouTube Channels and Public Speakers to releasing their talks in Creative Commons license to release them as Podcasts. Thanks to Khaleel Jageer for the followups.

  • Vaasagasalai is a literature group, which conducts meetups every weekend, around TamilNadu. Their YouTube channel videos are released in Creative Commons License. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh3dIFfxy5cp1DBAlthHctA/videos We are working on releasing them as separate Podcast.
  • TNCPIM Videos are already being released in CC license. We release them as podcasts on Tamil Politics Talk Podcast (அரசியல் உரைகள் ஒலியோடை)


  1. Online Tamil Text to Speech Convertor ( TTS on Web ) is released. source code is here (https://github.com/KaniyamFoundation/tts-web)
  2. A new software is created to publish Podcasts from a local mp3 file or a youtube URL. SourceCode- https://github.com/KaniyamFoundation/YouTube2Podcast with this we can publish podcasts easily. Thanks to Khaleel for making this. While this is a command line application, Anitha from Trichy is creating this as a Web Application. Source code – https://github.com/anithagk12/metadata
  3. An Android app is being developed to record audio for wiktionary words. Source. Few bugs are fixed. This is still under development.
  4. Initial plans for making Tamil spellchecker are started. Linguistic professor Mr. Palani has sent the rules for Nouns. Planning for writing code for this.

New Projects

Writing the discussions about new projects.

Once all the plans, contributors and enough funds are raised, these plans will get into actions.

This month Donors

  • Ambedkar, Kuppam, Andra – Rs 13,000
  • T Shrinivasan – Rs 10,000
  • Revathi Kuppusamy – Rs 500 Total – Rs 23,500

Dontations – Internet Resources

  • Noolaham Foundation – server worth of Rs 350/month
  • E2E Networks – server worth of Rs 730/month

Last month balance – ரூ 96,000


  1. Lenin Gurusamy – 1335 – Experimented with a New Year calendar for 2019.
  2. Divya – 965 – WikiSource
  3. Pavithra – 552 – WikiSource
  4. Anwar – 3000 – Travel to meet authors to get their works in CC License
  5. T Shrinivasan – 800 – Bought 30 Russian Tamil Books for Scanning

Total – Rs 6652

Total Balance – Rs 96,000 + Rs 23,500 – Rs 6652 = Rs 1,12,848

Donations and expense details are documented in this sheet .

Bank account details

Kaniyam Foundation
Account Number : 606 1010 100 502 79
Union Bank Of India
West Tambaram, Chennai
IFSC - UBIN0560618
  • Please send your donations to this account to support activities of Kaniyam Foundation
  • Send your name, donation details to kaniyamfoundation@gmail.com

For more information or queries, write to – kaniyamfoundation@gmail.com

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