Chat in slack in commandline – wee-slack

Slack is one of the chat tools I use to communicate with professional teammates. But, using that is a kill for my computer. It takes all the memory if I run as a desktop application. If i open it in a firefox tab, it slows down the firefox.

Being a command line lover, I look for CLI applications for all my needs. I use weechat for all my IRC chats with #ilugc, #dgplug, #pluggies, #learnandteach friends at

I thought that it will be nice to have a commandline chat tool for slack. Wow. It is already there. it is “wee-slack”

Weechat plugin for slack.

Weechat can be extended with perl, python to add more features. Thus, slack had been added already.

Got it from here –

see it in action

animated screenshot

The setup is very easy.

I am using it for past 3 days and really enjoying it.

Here are few links and notes

ran this to enable osd-notification. install notify-send

/trigger add osd print ” ‘${tg_highlight}’ ‘/.*/${weechat.look.nick_prefix}${tg_prefix_nocolor}${weechat.look.nick_suffix} ${tg_message_nocolor}/ /&/&/ /[\]/\/” //”/ //>/’ ‘/exec -norc -nosw notify-send -i weechat “${buffer.full_name}” “${tg_message}”‘

Show channel name in hotlist after activity

/set weechat.look.hotlist_names_level 14

Install the script by running
/script install

Installed few plugins to enable URL copying.
/script install
/script install
/script install

if you want to truncate the timestamps as well you can do

/set weechat.look.buffer_time_format “”

The bufferlist in leftside is too wide, if a channel name is too long. truncate it to 30 chars.
/set buflist.format.buffer ${format_number}${cut:20,…,${format_nick_prefix}${format_name}}

Set the buflist colors

/set buflist.format.hotlist_message “${color:7}”
/set buflist.format.buffer_current “${color:,7}${format_buffer}”

Few more plugins
/script install

type /save in final to store the changes.

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