Kaniyam Foundation gets ‘Top 10 Youth of 2020 award’ from Ananda Vikatan magazine

Hundreds of volunteers are contributing to various Open Source Tamil computing projects. Ananda Vikatan, a popular Tamil Magazine, gifted all of us, in this new year 2021. “Top 10 Youth of 2020” is the award, provided for Kaniyam Foundation. This is announced on the Ananda Vikatan magazine dated 6.1.2021

Kaniyam.com e-magazine was started on January 1, 2012. It is serving the Tamil language with 1100+ articles, 15+ ebooks and with many writers as volunteers. This is the only e-magazine in Tamil that brings content for Free/Open Source software.

At 2013, FreeTamilEbooks.com was started to publish ebooks on various genres. It has 650+ ebooks, hundreds of authors, thousands of readers, 8 millions+ downloads, many volunteers, an android app and more. It has been a unique project on the entire Digital Tamil language diaspora. Contacting the authors, Explaining them on the creative commons license, Getting the content, making of ebooks, making of cover images, publishing the ebooks. All these processes are done by all the volunteers.

At 2018, Kaniyam Foundation [Kaiyam.com/foundation] was started. More Free Software for Tamil, Hackathons, Workshops were done. We have met many writers and explained about Creative Commons license. All the works of Covai Gnani and M.S. Udayamurthy, All the 1000+ books of Tamilmann Publications were brought in CC-BY-SA license.

sangaelakkiyam.org was released to publish all the ebooks of Sangam Literature with an android app.

We have a project on Tamil Wikisource. We have released 149 ebooks at ta.wikisource.org with proofreading and validating done.

Olipedia project has released many public domain, CC books as Audio Books in Tamil.

Many software were created and released for Tamil Computing as Free/Open Source Software. Automating Google OCR, Tesseract OCR, Text-To-Speech, Sandhi Checker, Spellchecker were few important software. Tamil Words Collection/Corpus with 35 lakh tamil words and 1.9 lakh tamil nouns were collected and released. They are very good important for Tamil NLP research.

Hundreds of donors donated 6.5 lakh rs so far. The above projects are possible by the donations only. All the donations and expenses are shared in public here – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zBXZzjYP_WKfm4y3EpTYw5yOTOeA-sSp8mcNjjNAUe0/edit#gid=0

All our software projects are open sourced here – https://github.com/kaniyamfoundation

All these are made possible by hundreds of volunteers. Ananda Vikatan, a leading Tamil magazine, provided a great gift for all the volunteers. It gave a recognition as “Top 10 Youth of 2020“. Tons of thanks for the Vikatan magazine for the wonderful gift.

We dedicate this to all the volunteers, writers, readers, contributors, and programmers. This award is for all of us who contributes to Tamil language from around the globe, as individuals, organizations, communities, private/public agencies, and government bodies.

We feel that this award gives us some order and commitment to contribute even better. We call all of you to join hands together to build better worlds.

We thank the below organizations, who works on bringing the software and all digital content, for free, for all human kind.

Tons of thanks for all.

Kaniyam Foundation Team

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