Received Shuttleworth Flash Grant

I am so happy to announce that I have received 5000 USD as “Shuttleworth Flash Grant” .

“Shuttleworth Flash Grant” is one of the great things happened, recently. It’s an immensely rewarding feeling knowing that there are people out there who find our work useful, whether or not we have met face to face before, and appreciate by promoting our works with global community.

The Shuttleworth Foundation was established in January 2001 by South African entrepreneur “Mark Shuttleworth” as an experiment with the purpose of providing funding for people engaged in social change. Yes. The same Mark Shuttleworth, who is behind Ubuntu Linux and Canonical Ltd.

The Shuttleworth Foundation provides various grants for encouraging social changes and life of people around the globe. Check their website for more details.

This flash grant is one type of grant, with 5000 USD. This is provided by the referrals of existing fellows of shuttleworth foundation. We can use it for the any social cause we are working on. We have to write in public on how the money is spent. Check here for the previous grants list –

Adam Hyde of Coko Foundation referring me for this flash grant. Coko Foundation team is doing great works on bringing open source technologies on Publishing Industry. Thanks Adam for the great gift.
Adam Hyde of Coko Foundation

I will donate all the money for “Kaniyam Foundation“. Waiting for 80g approvals to get tax exemptions. Kaniyam will spend the money for the projects and bringing more ebooks from Tamil Wikisource. Will conduct few hackathons, trainings on the Open Source technologies on Publishing. Will share a expense sheet in 6 months to one year.

Tons of thanks for Shuttleworth Foundation, Jason, Achal, Adam, Coko Foundation team, Kaniyam Foundation contributors, and all contributors for Free/Open Source technologies.

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