Live Coding session Today 3-4 pm on PyTamil – A Python Library for Tamil

Sriram is a Bengaluru based software engineer. He created a Python library for Tamil Language, just like Open-Tamil Python library.

He keeps thinking why should artists have all the fun with creative projects while engineers solve logical problems. Imagine the engineer in you jumping with joy coding for a creative collaborative art project. Then welcome to “Why Artists should have all the fun” experiments.

First attempt at this experiment is the intersection of Tamil and programming. One of the projects that he wants to share is pytamil. A computational way to analyse Tamil. There is a live coding session on 13 Feb 2021, Saturday, IST 3-4 pm. If you are interested in Tamil or Computer programming or both , then you might find this interesting.


3.00 – Intro to Pytamil (பைந்தமிழ்) project
3.10 – How to analyse Venba (வெண்பா)
3.20 – How to analyse Maathirai (மாத்திரை)
3.30 – Design choices . Why Python, ANTLR4 grammar is used
3.40 – Q&A
3.50 – What’s next
4.00 – Checkout

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