Report – Python Mentoring on IRC

2021 started for me with so many exciting new things. One of the happy things is, I did mentoring on Python projects for few students. Out of 10-15 students, 3 students got job immediately after completing the training program. All for free. is one of the leading IT training centers in Chennai. It is doing tons of free trainings. All their training content are already available in YouTube in Tamil.

Payilagam and ( A company on translation and NLP) jointly conducted a month long Python training for Free in Tamil. It was a daily two hour training session. Around 20 people participated
daily. All the videos are posted online daily. Check here for the videos –

As part of this training program, from Kaniyam Foundation, I decided to mentor the students for doing few real time projects.

This was the mentoring plan.

  1. Few project ideas are given to all students
  2. Two weeks of daily mentoring on the projects
  3. Daily stand up meeting at IRC – #kaniyam channel
  4. Daily one hour of discussion on IRC
  5. Everyone should update their project development progress on the
    IRC discussion
  6. Everyone should write blog on their progress
  7. Everyone should release their projects as open source
  8. All the projects should be published on github repositories daily
  9. Everyone should join ChennaiPy mailing list
  10. For any tech queries, they should ask in the ChennaiPy mailing
    list or stackoverflow

With these guidelines, we had a great discussions for 2 weeks, daily noon 4-5 pm. The participants were from many countries like canada, UK too. The canada, uk participants had to wake up in 5 AM to participate in the mentoring sessions. I am much impressed by their dedication and hard work.

We logged all the IRC chats in public using a logbot.

check for a sample chat here –

All their blog posts are aggregated here –

Project Details of Team Members

  1. Name : Ilangoven
    Projects title : Basic Text editor, PNR status webscrapping, IP address location
    Github link :
    Blog link : https:///

  2. Name : Stephen Raj Y
    Projects title : Flickr upload, picofday, Bs4scraping(noolulagam) , Selenium web Scraping.
    Github link :
    Blog link :

    Projects title : Alarm clock, Image Processing, Mastodon with Pic of the day ,Twitter API
    Github link :
    Blog link :

  4. Name : Jeyaseelan Varatharajan
    Projects title : 1. CPU usage and restart Apache services in Linux. 2. System monitoring Part 1 CPU alerting in various Linux Distributions like Ubuntu/ Debian, CentOS/ RHEL, Fedora, SUSE How to Check and Monitor CPU
    Github link :
    Blog link : easy-2/

  5. Name: Rajarajan S
    Project title: Captcha generator
    Github link :
    Blog link :

  6. Name: Moorthy Suresh
    Project title: (1) Credit card validator and (2) Bandwidth Monitor
    Github link:

  7. Name : B.Lenin
    Project Title : PASSWORD GENERATOR
    Git link :
    Blog link :

  8. Name : Arvind R
    Project title: change desktop background image
    Git link:
    Blog link:

  9. Name: Pavithra B
    Project Title: Download all books from and create new ebooks
    Git link :
    Blog link: https//

  10. Name: Thenmozhi P
    Project Title: 1. Days difference calculator,
    2.Weather scrapping with/without API keys,
    3.N-gram Generator
    Git link :
    Blog link:

  11. Name: Selin George
    Project Title: Flipcart Web Scrapping
    Git link:
    Blog link:

After seeing the public chat discussions, blog posts and github repos, hired 3 students from the participants. I am so happy to know this.

Tons of thanks for Payilagam Muthuramalingam, Azhi Senthilnathan of and all the participants for the satisfying works.

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