Project idea – Create a mobile app or website to find stalls on any bookfair

Chennai Book fair is a one of the mega events happening every year, with tons of chaos. It holds around 400-600 book stalls every year. Finding which stall is where is still a game there. They may give a pamphlet with list of bookstalls with the stall number in very random way. no body knows on what order the list is sorted.

If you like to visit some particular stalls, half of the time will be wasted on finding the stalls itself.

How can we solve this issue with technology?

We can have a mobile app or website to list down all the stalls, their stall numbers, the way stalls are arranged, with few small custom maps or images to get info on all stalls etc.

The internet wont work on the chaotic place like bookfair, so we need to give all the data as local data. App or site should work without internet. Before going to bookfair, user should open the app/site to load the data locally.

We can display the stalls order as image or we can have live map over OpenStreepMap, if GPS works well inside the bookstalls. If we can provide maps with GPS, it will be a great app to explore the stalls quickly.

I think the same issue will be there all international book fairs. how are other countries are solving this problem? Is there any other open source application for mobile app or for website? How can we design the app/site to configure for any bookfair on the world?

We need contributors to collect book fair info, stall info and developers. Please contribute.

Share your thoughts here or in the below issue
Layout of stalls in Book Fair

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