kanchilug Meeting Schedule – 30.05.2021

Hello everyone,

Kanchi Linux Users Group [ KanchiLUG ] has been spreading awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Kanchipuram since November 2006.

We usually meet every Sunday. For this week, we shall meet online on Sunday May 30, 2021 at 04:00 PM IST.

Meeting link to Join : https://meet.jit.si/KanchiLug Can join with any browser or JitSi android app.

All the Discussions are in Tamil.

Talk Details:

Talk 1:

Topic: Basics of Python, List comprehension, Dict comprehension, Map, filter and reduce.

Description: Comprehension offers a shorter syntax when you want to create a new list or dictionary based on the values of an existing list or dictionary respectively. The map, filter and reduce functions bring a bit of functional programming to Python. All three of these are convenience functions that can be replaced with List Comprehensions or loops, but provide a more elegant and short-hand approach to some problems.

Let’s explore this in the coming session.

Duration: 1 Hr

Speaker Name: Ronica V

About Speaker: She completed her bachelor’s degree (B.Sc mathematics) in Ethiraj college and master’s degree ( M.Sc Statistics ) in Madras University. She is working as a Data Analyst at TVS Academy. R and python enthusiast. A beginner to Machine learning.

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