Project Idea – Create a 3D image gallery for Tamil Assets for VR

Last week, we went to VGP Marine Kingdon at Chennai ECR. Good place to see various types of fishes and sharks. Fish feeding at 4 PM is wonderful event. Dont miss the VR zone there. They give a VR headset and show a 10 min show, which will make you to immerse in deep sea and see the live objects there.

After that wanted to explore the 3D, VR things. We can create great educational materials with these 3D/VR technologies.

explored and bought a 3D headset for around 2500 INR.

This gave tons of new project ideas. Once of them is to create and show Tamil, Historic objects in 3D.

We can create a mobile app to display the 3D objects of sculptures, objects from excavations.

We can start with many existing 3d objects on open content, provided at Wikimedia Commons.

Mozilla has A Frame for making VR things easily.

Hope with these, we can build good teaching, learning content in 3D.

If you are interested in exploring and contributing for these kind of projects, reply here or connect to me at

Created a issue here to track the progress.

If you have a 3D headset, what are you seeing through that? Share any good learning contents for kids.

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