ILUGC Monthly Meet – November 13, 2021 – 3-5 pm


Indian Linux Users Group, Chennai [ ILUGC ] has been spreading
awareness on Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) in Chennai since
January 1998.

We usually meet on the second Saturday of every month, and for the
month of November, we shall meet through IRC on Saturday 13, 2021 at 1500

We will be organizing this month’s meet through ILUGC’s Official IRC
channel (#ilugc in

IRC Server:
Channel: #ilugc
Web IRC:

If speakers need audio and visuals, we will switch to jitsi platform
for that particular talk using the below Jitsi link, otherwise we will
use IRC. The IRC chat window will be screencasted through Jitsi,

Talk Details:

Talk 0:

Topic: prometheus monitoring / grafana
Description: continuous monitoring of linux servers using prometheus,
node-exporter and visualize using grafana
Duration: app. 45 minutes
Speaker Full Name: Dhanasekar
About Speaker : linux admin in a startup

Talk 1:

Topic: Introduction to asciidoctor
Description: Asciidoctor is a FOSS tool to work with AsciiDoc
documents. AsciiDoc is a lightweight markup language like Markdown.
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaker Full Name: Balachandran S
About Speaker: FOSS enthusiast working in cybersec.

Talk 2:

Topic: Introduction to jq
Description: We will explore about a simple commandline tool to parse json data
Duration: 30 minutes
Speaker Full Name: Mohan R
About Speaker: just another FOSS enthusiast

After Talks:

QA & general discussions

All are welcome.

Mohan R

Mailing List Guidelines:
Internet Relay Chat: #ilugc on

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